Anger Management

Feeling frustrated and ill-tempered? Do you often lash out at others or hold your feelings in until you feel like you're going to explode? We've all had those moments in our lives when we've felt angry about something. Anger is a completely normal human emotion, however, when anger is expressed in a negative manner, this could have serious implication for us.

Anger management is designed to help you regain control of your life and feelings. You may not be able to control your triggers but you can learn to change and manage how you respond to them.

Whether someone else has advised you to seek anger management counselling or you are searching for answers on your own, I am able to support and educate you on effectively controlling your feelings with anger management. I work from an understanding that your anger is not a reflection of who you are and try to understand you as an individual based on your unique situation.

The Anger Management session is individualised to meet your specific situation and also help identify and resolve deeper issues that have led to such anger to help you to achieve long-term change. I offer one on one individual Anger Management Counselling and Group Anger Management Programs co-facilitated with other experienced counsellors.

Anger Management Counselling