Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling Whitby & North York Services

Individual counselling is an intimate opportunity to acquire personal assistance through emotional and psychological therapy. Whether one is officially diagnosed with specific disorders or has a feeling that you want to pour your thoughts and feelings out to ensure your own mental and psychological wellbeing, individual counselling is one of the most effective and secure approaches.

There are many forms of effective counselling, but some of the advantages of individual counselling that make it better than a group or couple counselling are that it is more personal and intimate. You will have the opportunity to confide in someone without feeling judged.

Mutual Trust and Respect

All individual counselling Whitby and North York services relies on mutual trust, respect, and sensitivity for emotional, social and mental conditions. So to make it useful, the client must be willing to open up about their problems and be welcoming to new perspectives to improve their current position.

Whether someone is going through mental stress, anxiety or depression due to strained relationships at work or home, verbal or physical abuse, trauma, addiction, anxiety, sexual concerns, parenting or grief, and loss, talking to a counselor by yourself makes a positive impact.

Customized Individual Counselling Approach

Individual counselling allows the therapist or the counsellor to focus solely on the client’s side of the story and specific problems, analyze the needs and adapt strategies and recommendation for the client’s emotional and psychological improvement.

Individual Counselling Confidentiality Agreement

The private session allows an individual to fully express, explore their feelings, behaviour, and beliefs, which open up clearer perspective for the client to reflect and identify a better approach towards dealing with the cause of their situation.

Trained and Trusted Individual Counsellors

All therapists who deal with one-on-one sessions are trained and well-equipped with the right approach to cater to any types of mental disorder or situations that the client sometimes does not understand yet. The counsellor provides transparent and honest exams to make the patient aware of their progress.

Sympathetic and Motivating Individual Counselling Service

Harmony Counselling Services provides discretion, calm environment, and highly qualified and experienced psychologist and the most sympathetic counsellors who are dedicated to patiently guide you towards a more productive future by helping you heal, grow, and find closure wherever it is needed.

Setting Positive Goals

Whether it is for a single session or a first-time appointment for short-term counselling, feel free to check in and seek the help you deserve. We are open and willing to accommodate anyone who wishes makes positive progress mentally and emotionally. The goal of individual counselling is to ensure that each client leaves happier and more at ease than before they enter. Contact Harmony Counsellings to book your individual counselling appointment.

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