Durham Counselling Services

Durham Counselling Services That Help You And Your Loved Ones When Needed

Durham Counselling Services is a licensed counselling service approved by the Ministry of Health and Durham Region Department of Social Services that caters to the mental and emotional support of every citizen within the Municipality of Durham in Ontario.

durham counselling services

Whether it is you, a family or a loved one who is suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, a rocky relationship or dealing with work pressure, Durham Counselling Services can help you deal with that. The counsellors can assist you in diagnosing the case and providing effective durham counselling services to help you through the daily stress and mental issues, and inspire you to improve and grow as an individual.

The team of experts in human psychology, with experience and intrapersonal abilities, are available to provide you with the counselling you need with no barriers in race, religion, culture, gender or sexual orientation. Our goal is to offer the most productive solution to improve your mental health and help you lead a healthy life.

Why Go With Harmony Counselling For Your Durham Counselling Services Needs?

With an ambience that is warm, safe and comfortable, we make sure that you are at ease and given the right care and support. We also understand the need for discretion for each client, so we build our sessions on mutual trust, respect and adaptability for full confidentiality. If you are committed to making constructive changes in your life, we are committed to helping you reach that goal.

Whether it is battling with addictions, mental disorders, failing relationships between partners, lack of motivation to perform or just the need to learn about and understand yourself, the counsellors are equipped with the expertise to provide explanations for all your queries through simple conversation and solving issues with practical solutions and attainable goals. Besides private and individual counselling, Durham Counselling Services also cater to groups, couples and young adults dealing with various issues through a devoted optimistic approach.

Our counsellors are highly skilled, informed and equipped with practical research and the positive results. We do our best to accommodate each of our client’s needs without using the “one-size fits all” approach. Whether it is your first experience in consulting a counsellor, or if you feel like you need more help or relapsing from previous sessions, we are flexible and adaptable to each client’s distinctive characteristics to make each counselling sessions beneficial and productive.

So if you sense that you need someone to help you deal with any mental issues and if you are committed to improving your situation, feel free to book an appointment or check yourself in with the Counsellor Services in Durham for a stress-free, happier and healthier life.