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Deciding to end a marriage is difficult. Divorce is a life-changing experience no matter what the circumstances are. There are a lot of emotions and practicalities to consider when there are other people involved as well.  It is a difficult transition that one has to make to move forward and pursuit mental and physical well-being. For more information on our divorce counselling Whitby and North York services be sure to contact us.

Divorce Counselling Reasons

Couples might find themselves facing different situations of life single-handedly, having to move out of a home and bidding goodbye to relationships and attachments to people and places.

The reasons why couples choose to separate and divorce differ. It is the point in the relationship that both agree that the link no longer works for either or both of them due to love lost or despair or inamicable differences. Other reasons that couples may choose to divorce include marital affairs, violence, abuse or betrayal and arguments due to sexual problems.

Impact of Divorce

Whatever the cause of the divorce is, it has a significant impact on the mental and emotional state of both individuals. Self-doubt, a sense of failure and disappointment or feelings of bitterness can also arise out of a divorce.

However, holding on to the negative aspects of the divorce can further aggravate the trauma. The only way to deal with a divorce is to move on and accept positive life changes that can nourish and make room for a better future.


Moving on is another challenging stage of a divorce. Sometimes it is impossible to completely detach yourself from your partner in sensitive situations where children, property, and money are involved.

Benefits of Divorce Counselling

At such times, divorce counselling can help address issues related to couple’s differences, impact on family and children involved, allowing logical settlement and clarity. Seeking expert divorce counselling can also guide the couple through emotional changes to progress towards an acceptable closure and peace of mind.

Gaining Closure and Positive Motivation From Divorce Counselling

At Harmony Counselling, the divorce counsellors will give you an opportunity to examine the relationship without the pressure to change your decisions through honest, transparent and unbiased approach. By allowing the couples to express and address the issues clearly, the process paves a way to replace anger, hurt and blame with positive responses.

The divorce counsellor will give you new perspectives for long-term happiness and the courage to move towards new endeavours by instilling new mindset while ensuring that your individuality, and personality is still intact.

If you feel that you can no longer live together, or communication and affection have been replaced by despair and bitterness, but you want to move towards positive outcome from the permanent separation, feel free to check in for appointments with our divorce counselling specialist.

divorce counselling

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