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Counselling for COVID fatigue necessary, says Premier Doug Ford

The endless lockdown measures are having an immense negative effect on the mental health of the citizens of Canada. And Premier Doug Ford is taking notice of it.

During one of his press conferences, Ford expressed his concern for the mental wellbeing of his constituents. The press conference was about giving an update about the state of the province’s health crisis to the residents.

However, the psychological impact of the grey-level lockdown was also a matter of discussion. The Premier adds that a lot of counselling is necessary for the people who are undergoing lockdown fatigue due to the pandemic.

Ford said this as a response to a reporter. The reporter mentions the case of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Apparently, the federation has started training staff to counsel business owners and entrepreneurs who lost their business during the pandemic. The loss of business for small business owners means the potential loss of entire livelihood.

The reason behind the COVID fatigue

According to Ford, the main reason why many people experience COVID fatigue is bankruptcy. Many small business owners put everything into the enterprise, but the pandemic lockdown shut it down. This means that many entrepreneurs now face the challenge of meeting their basic needs, including food and paying the rent.

As a direct result, there is a drastic effect on mental health. Although measuring the health effects is not easy, Ford also suggests measuring every aspect of the health of the population.

Effects of the COVID fatigue

Due to the fatigue of the pandemic lockdown, the following negative effects are taking place.

  • A rise in the statistics of domestic disputes
  • Increase in the case of addictions
  • Increase in the rate of suicides all over the provinces

What else is on the horizon?

Premier Ford also took time to talk about the Covid-19 vaccine, which will be available within a few months. Getting COVID-19 vaccines to as many people as possible is important for the overall wellbeing. In addition, the vaccination drive will also have a positive effect on the economy and restore the normalcy that has been missed for a long time. The much-awaited normalcy is expected to bring a sigh of relief, especially in areas that have been designated under the red-level lockdown zone.

However, the Premier also does not rule out the possibility of extending restrictions in the virus hotspots. The virus hotspots in Canada include Toronto.

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