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Concussions and Mental Health Problems Sustained in Motor Accidents Under New Claims Cap

According to the new law that came into place on April 1, 2019, concussions and a number of other injuries sustained in motor accidents will fall under minor injury. The new claim is a $5,500 cap which covers pain and suffering for the public.

For ages, British Columbia was the last province that had an insurance system that was primarily tort-based. Therefore when the Attorney General David Eby signed this new order, it was met with consternation and had a very mixed response.

What other forms of injury are included in this claims cap?

Apart from a concussion, other forms of motor accident injuries included in this new claims cap include:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Cuts
  • Aches
  • Bruises
  • Different forms of whiplash

What does this mean for general public?

This decision has caused a reason for concern not only for the general public but for health practitioners and lawyers as well. Experts agree that symptoms such as depression, brain damage, and Post-traumatic stress syndrome take some time to manifest. So this decision was not met with applause.

However, the Insurance Corp. of B.C was quick to respond that there are certain conditions to this new claim. The above mentioned injuries will be considered major injuries on the condition that the problems persist after twelve months.

On the other hand, concussions, as well as mental health problems caused due to the concussion, will be considered major injuries if the problem persists for four months or more.

The affected party can still sue for loss of wages and the cost of future care. But the disputes will be examined first by a new civil resolution tribunal process, which primarily settles strata disputes.

Consequences of new law

Although there are a number of opponents who object to this new move, the government has introduced a couple of measures that will benefit the public in general.

  • It has raised the fees that are required by the ICBC to be paid for medical treatment.
  • It has also added a whole range of treatment and other services for treatment. Included in this list are acupuncture, massage therapy, kinesiology, and counselling. This has been viewed as a positive change by the Physiotherapy Association of B.C. As experts in the field of physiotherapy, we at Harmony Counselling recommend the EasyGo Physio and Wellness Centre Scarborough to get the optimal results of physiotherapy.
  • Faulty drivers are also eligible for full medical care compensation. This is in stark contrast to the fewer benefits according to the old law.
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Manitoba Province to invest up to $2.4 million for Mental Health and Specialized Trauma Counselling

As the subject of giving priority to mental health takes center stage, the province of Manitoba is leading by example. The minister responsible for women, Cathy Cox, announced that they would be investing $2.4 million in two separate clinics in the province on 4th November. They are the Klinic and the Laurel Centre.

This investment will provide ready access to mental health and reduce the wait times faced by the citizens. The steps included in the proposed move include walk-in services for mental health issues and specialized trauma counselling in the two clinics.

What benefit will this investment entail?

The multi-million dollar project will be used over the course of three years. Klinic, in particular, will have a case drop-in counselling program. The program is expected to be eight hours of every week as well as a long-term counselling program. This will raise the number of patients to 80 as opposed to the current 70 patients at the clinic.

A major chunk of the funding is also going to be used for a centralized trauma service at Klinic. This service will be made available seven days a week. At the Laurel Centre, the funding is projected to be used in hiring therapists.

As more and more studies are made, and cases are explored, experts in the medical field are finding an intricate link between childhood trauma and the quality of life. It is no secret that those who had experienced such traumatic events like domestic violence and sexual abuse but did not get the help they needed to recover bear significant loss to the society later on.

On the other hand, individuals who had the right help and overcame their childhood trauma went on to lead meaning and productive lives.

Inclusion of trauma centres and additional hiring of therapists will not only reduce the waiting list by a significant number. The improved services will also reach a wider audience who are in need of immediate help while experiencing various forms of trauma and mental health issues.

This impressive move by the administrators and lawmakers was based on recommendations of various reports to enhance and improve support for people undergoing trauma. One of the most notable of these reports is the VIRGO report.

Future plans

Apart from this recent development, the minister also hinted on more plans to introduce services for addictions as well as mental health. Up to 12 new initiatives and programs are expected to be announced by Christmas.


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Multicultural Counselling and Immigrant Integration

Multicultural Counselling Services

Making a move to a new country is a feat that not everyone can boast about. But the excitement can quickly dissipate when you are faced with real-life problems. New food, weather, way of living, the language, and the entire cultural differences can breed a lot of anxiety.

These problems can be magnified when you don’t know the natives’ way of getting things done. How to access services, find a home to live and a job to sustain life; these can be very complex, especially when one is alone and do not know where to look for assistance.

It can cause friction in relationships, a lot of mental stress and make a person feel isolated. These factors can be more burdensome because most immigrants come from places where the talk of mental health is a taboo. Seeking help is often a recipe for stigmatization.

But to keep up with the new culture and make the best of your stay in the new country, you need to adapt to the new environment. This is why multicultural counselling is becoming a good thing for immigrants.

Consider how you can benefit from multicultural counselling.

1. It caters to the individual problems, family problems as well as couples and children
2. It covers a wide range of topics such as:
Traumatic past experience
• Drug abuse
• Substance abuse
3. It dramatically improves the mental health condition.
4. Typically the sessions are provided in different languages including Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Urdu, Punjabi and Polish among others.

When you know it will make your integration into the new society easier and quicker, why not consider a multicultural counselling service? It is a wonderful way to you familiarize with a new system and life. Everything will become a lot easier when your mental health is calm, healthy, and ready to take on the new world.