Anger Management Workshop

ANGER is a natural human emotion. It functions to alert, inform and prepare us for action. Anger is a secondary emotion that follows a primary emotion. We all get angry with ourselves and other people especially our loved ones. Anger is a complex emotion that can be linked to deeper feelings of pain, helplessness, fear and rejection rooted in our past and in the present. Making us unnecessarily critical and bitter. When it is not properly understood and managed, anger can become a very unhealthy emotion with undesired consequences.

Whatever has led to your anger, together we can work at managing the behavioural patterns that keep leading you down that path. Together we will identify and deal with the issues that are causing you pain and hurt.

Workshop Objectives

  • Teach you to identify the emotional triggers that lead to anger
  • Give participants a good understanding of their emotions
  • Equip you with tools to manage and regulate your emotions
  • Learn effective problem-solving skills that will help manage anger and promote emotional health
  • Practice and reinforce new coping skills in a group setting
  • Gain practical and proven strategies to communicate how you feel in an assertive manner without endangering your relationships

Date: Saturday, June 2, 2018

Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Cost: $120.00 + HST /participant (Workshop materials included).

Anger Management Workshop