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What Changes Can You Expect From Psychotherapy?

A therapy session is one of the most vulnerable times in any person’s life. It is not just your physical position, lying down on a sofa at a relatively unknown office. We mean the state of your being; you openly talk about your biggest fears, failures, your heartbreaks, and your deepest desires.

It is almost the same as when you visit a medical practitioner for an injury. Even if you don’t voice it, you expect relief from the pain, and the healing to be expedited from your treatment. Likewise, you have certain expectations from undergoing psychotherapy.

So what unspoken expectations do you have when you go to your therapist’s office? At Harmony Counselling, we have had the privilege of working with a wide spectrum of individuals through the years. We are always reminded that the human mind is the most complex thing in the universe. This is why our treatments are particular to the problems of our clients.

Reasons why you may be undergoing psychotherapy:

• Loneliness
• Overwhelming emotions
• Undergoing a life-changing event
• Feeling of loss of identity
• Problem making decisions

If you can identify with the above issues, you can expect these results from our sessions.

• Unbiased opinion so that you can make your decisions confidently.
• Discover untreated medical problems that may have been the root cause of your mental state.
• Reassurance that you have a powerful mind and you have the power to change your life.


We do not promise our therapies to be the ultimate answer. However, we incorporate our years of expertise, knowledge, and our passion for giving the best and individualized treatment to our esteemed clients.

Psychotherapy is a powerful way to improve lives and perspectives. Our minds are supreme, and we always strive to allow it to have positive impacts on all our lives.

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